DVD/CD Replication Services

With over a combined 12 years’ experience in providing both DVD and CD Replication services, Jetline Discmakers is well equipped and ready to handle your DVD and CD Replication project to your satisfaction. We offer a full range of DVD and CD Replication services provided by top experts in the field, our experienced team of disc makers to complete your project to your satisfaction.


DVD/CD replication is the process of manufacturing DVD5, DVD9, DVD ROM and CD Audio/CDROM form polycarbonate granules, for the purpose of servicing the Entertainment and/or the Corporate markets in South Africa and surrounding countries.

The customer will provide JDM with a CDR Master disc. This master disc will be loaded into a duplicating tower and downloaded onto the hard drive.

Once this master has finished downloading and been approved, CDR discs (depending on whether the project is CDR or DVD) are loaded into the drivers ready for copying.

Once the copying process is completed, the loading trays will automatically open. Should any tray open, these discs are deemed to have failed the copying process and are rejected and destroyed

Once the required number of discs are completed, they are then moved to the screen printing and packing process.

A replicated disc is the Rolls-Royce of CD/DVD media in the market place. Through the automated moulding process the discs are manufactured to international Red Book Specifications. There is an inbuilt camera inspection station in the manufacturing process, and this has been built in to ensure that the supplied discs have no defects and therefore ready to enter the market place

We have a fast turnaround time because of our one stop shop process i.e. replication, paper parts, packaging and overwrap options  done to client specifications.

Our delivery time is typically 7/10 working days depending on the nature of the project.