1. For a standard CD-R / DVD-R (Duplication or Replication) a pdf 125mm x 125mm square (CD/DVD print) – this allows for some bleed.
  2. Artwork to be designed with the circles in so that you, the client, knows what is going to be cut out and then to save it without the outer and inner circles.
  3. Convert text without fail to curves / outlines or paths – otherwise you will lose fonts or have corrupt fonts.
  4. The artwork must be saved at 300dpi
  5. Text on the discs should be no less than 6 points (6 points could lead to bleed out), but preferred size is 8 points.
  6. Please supply disc artwork in CMYK or Pantones
  7. If artwork is pantones, please supply the pantone reference numbers.
  8. Please supply inserts (Booklets, Back Inserts, Sleeves, etc.) in CMYK
  9. If the above process is not followed, then we will have to send the artwork back for correction.
  10. The same will apply for the artwork for the booklets, inlays and DVD sleeves.
  11. Where we are designing the artwork please also follow this process.
  12. A minimum charge of R350 per hour will be charged if we will be doing the design.
  13. Please always supply artwork with a minimum of 5mm bleed all around.
  14. Please supply the artwork in a PDF format.